21 May 2009

Beauty and The Beast!

I just have to say: If you weren't able to attend this year's
SHS Operatta, Disney's Beauty and The Beast, you really
missed out!! The cast, the set, the costumes - they were
all amazing. I had no idea how multi-talented the youth
at Sequim High School really are. I'm so proud of the
Wolves Cheer Cheerleaders that were involved in the
event. Not only can they cheer, but they can sing,
dance and act, as well!!
What does that make them in the entertainment world??
Quadruple Threats??
Way to go, girls! Your performances were AWESOME!

Wolves Cheerleaders/Cast members:
Rachel Chumley, Laura Rutherford, Alexi Nelson,
Mackenzie Hagstrom, and Brianna Gilles

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