20 November 2009


Congrats to all of the WOLVES CHEERleaders who tried out
for and made the WOLVES BASKETBALL Family!
Way to GO!
We'll be CHEERing our hearts out for you!
Show us your MAD SKILLS!
Caitlin Wiker
Laura Rutherford, Demiree Briones,
Columbia Haupt, Inara Starks
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19 November 2009

Chalene's Blogspot:

Another good post on Chalene's blog today, "YOU'RE NOT MOST PEOPLE'S CUP OF TEA!" Check it out by clicking on the link on the sidebar.

15 November 2009

CHEERing for the WOLVES at State Playoffs!

WOLVES defeated the Tigers 34 -32 and move on the
Quarter Finals next week against defending State Champs,
Lyndon High School.
This is the year of the WOLFPACK!
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Stunting at State Playoffs!

10 November 2009

11 Differences between a Tall and a Small Person...

I borrowed this from Chalene Johnson's blog. She always has good info posted there. I thought this was something we could all use:

1. A Tall person says, "I can see your point. I will work on that." A small person says, "That's your problem. I’m fine the way I am."
2. A Tall person doesn't need drama and works to keep it at bay. A small person doesn't realize how drama dependant they have become.
3. A Tall person gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. A Small person assumes the worst of people.
4. A Tall person works to be their best. A Small person just needs to be right and refuses to change.
5. A Tall person recognizes they grow stronger when they focus on self-improvement. A Small person sees admitting the need for improvement as weakness.
6. A Tall person conducts themselves with integrity, even when it's not convenient. A Small person consistently places their own interest first.
7. A Tall person looks at where they're going and who they can help along the way. A Small person looks at where they could be and blames others for
their circumstances.
8. A Tall person works to surround themselves with people who challenge them to be more. A Small person surrounds themselves with people who
will nod in agreement.
9. A Tall person can see both sides of the story. A Small person shares "their side" of the story with anyone who will listen, in order to feel better about themselves.
10. A Tall person looks to those who are more successful and learns from their experiences. A Small person resents those more successful and works to convince others of their faults.
11. A Tall person is able to see the positive side of even the most doomed situation. A Small person is blinded by only the negative and strains to see the positive.

I think it would be good if all of us, myself included, would strive to "Stand a little TALLER."

Let Me See Your ALLIGATOR!!

Wolves Cheer pumping up the Crowd!
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07 November 2009

Wolves Cheer at Fife:

No pix of the girls cheering this week due to the large buckets of water that fell from the sky for almost the entire game. Gotta hand it to them, though. They cheered despite the rain, wind and cold. They cheered their hearts out and did it with SMILES on their faces! I'm so proud of the job that they did supporting the football players who finished their regular season defeating Fife 33-14. Next week: PLAYOFFS! Only 2 more games before we go to cheer at the TACOMA DOME! LET'S GO WOLVES!