30 April 2009

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Just found out today that Husky Band Days will be on September 12th this year! Please add this event to your calendar, and plan on attending. This is a fun event, and a great way to build relations with our band and Mr. Foskett, who is awesome to invite us to attend every year!! Be prepared to pay - the cost is usually $15 - $20 per person. Pack a lunch and bring snacks, or money to buy food - It's an all day event!!

25 April 2009

Cute Cheer Toez!

Holly, Lauren, and Sara!
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Photo Shoot!

ERNST took pix of the cheerleaders today, and I was right
there with my camera, making sure to photo document
the event! It was a perfect day for pictures - a little overcast,
but the girls were freezing! They were good sports, though.
I can't wait to see the final results!!

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17 April 2009


Please Don't forget!! If you are signed up to go to CHEER CAMP, and you haven't already paid your $100 deposit, that needs to be done right away. You can give the deposit to Coach Wiker at SHS. Make sure that whether you are paying with cash or by check, I know who the deposit is for. Call me if you have questions. Thanks!!

The CHEER BANQUET has been changed, once again. It will be held on Thursday, May 28th in the SHS Cafeteria from 6-8pm. Please be sure to bring something for the Potluck, especially if you signed up to bring either a salad, main dish, or dessert. THANK YOU! **Please be sure to make this change on your cheer calendar!**


May '09
June '09

July '09 Okay, so I am so happy that I figured out how to do this!! If you click on each calendar, you will see an enlarged version of it, and you can print it if you like! Cool, cool?? Sweet, sweet!!
(Well, I just tried this to make sure that it works. Before you print, preview and change the page orientation from landscape to profile so that the whole calendar prints for you.)

16 April 2009


Front of warmup jacket.
Name is on upper left.

Back of shell
name is in the middle, all uppercase
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10 April 2009


"No one keeps enthusiasm automatically. Enthusiasm must be nourished with new actions, new aspirations, new efforts, new visions." - Papyrus

Let's get SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC this year! How can we, as CHEERLEADERS, get our school's students excited? How can we raise SPIRIT in our school? Here's some ideas that I got from a book by Pam Headridge - Oak Harbor Cheer Coach: Spirit Promos- Create spirit promotional gifts to pass out in the hallways, in classrooms, during lunch, at games, and at pep assemblies to students who display school spirit. Print labels with sprit phrases on them, and attach the lables to the gifts. These little surprises are fun incentives to promote school spirit. Some ideas for gifts and phrases include the following: BUBBLEGUM - "Your school spirit blows us away!" 100 GRAND CANDY BARS - "Your spirit is worth a grand!" PLASTIC CANDY-FILLED EGGS - "Thanks for the EGG-stra spirit!" BOX OF RAISINS - "Thanks for "raisin" the roof with your school spirit!"
Or what about a big poster with a giant lightbulb that's visible to everyone that reads: "Let your spirit shine!" We could also do Spirit Punch Cards and pass them out to students during a particular week. They get a "punch" every time they participate in school-related activities, such as games, dances, pep assemblies, and spirit events. Collect the cards at the end of the week and give out prizes to the students in each class with the most punches. These are just a few fun ideas. Can you come up with some of your own?? Something UNIQUE and FUN that we haven't done before to get the students and faculty excited about being WOLVES?? I'd love to read your ideas - just post your ideas as a comment and let's get excited about building SPIRIT in our school this year!!