15 November 2008


I personally would like to to thank all of the
parents, fans and coaches who have supported
the Wolves and the Cheerleaders throughout
their season. All the rides, signs, poppers,
cheers, tears, and support have not gone
unnoticed. We love you and we appreciate
you and all that you have done to help support
our athletes this year. We could not have
done it without you!
Thank you from the bottom of our HEARTS!

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State Playoffs

Wolves at Tumwater Stadium vs. Centralia
November 14, 2008
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Another Heartbreaker!

Joey Hall gets a hug from big bro, Kenny.

It was another heartbreaking, last minute
loss for the WOLVES, but they overcame a lot
of adversity and played well against a
great team. Thanks for an amazing season!
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Caitlin's Football Buddies
Joey and Preston

Joey and Caitlin
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08 November 2008

Senior Night 2008

I love this pic!
Wolves 35 Fife 22
Way to go, Sequim! Good Luck in the Playoffs next week!
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The 2 Coach Wikers

A rare picture of Coach Carmen
(I'm not sure who took this picture!)

Half-time with JV and The Band!
This was real fun, you guys: Good Job!
Thanks, Mr. Foskett and SHS Band!
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30 October 2008


Clara and Caitlin with Beau, Emily, Lea and Jerry

25 October 2008

Haunted Hallways

The Hippie

The Rocker Chick

Goldie Locks!

I just wanted to give shout of THANKS to all of the Cheerleaders
who participated in Haunted Hallways, either in the Cheer Room,
or elsewhere. This is a big act of Community Service and all the kids
who attended had a great time and appreciated it a lot.
I appreciate the fact that you took time out of your busy schedules
to come and help make the day fun for some of the
Kids in Sequim!!
Caihley Baker, Kelsie Dotlich, Olivia Fazio, Mishel Arthur,
Lindsay Merrel, Sara Schade, Clara Duncan, and
Brianna Gilles
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Bean Bag Toss

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin
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