11 March 2010


Here's all the INFO you need to know!
Tryouts will be held the week AFTER Spring Break - Monday, April 5th thru Friday, April 9th.
You can pick up all the necessary forms at the SHS office OR the SMS office. You MUST bring your YELLOW and WHITE card and your "letter to prospective cheerleaders" signed by you and your parent/guardian on the first day of tryouts. (The yellow and white card let Kim and I know that you have turned in all the required paperwork to the office.) You will need: current physical (good for 2 years) If you already participate in a sport, either at SMS or SHS, you should have a current physical on file. Cheer risk and saftety forms read and signed, concussion (Lydstedt Law) forms read and signed, SHS sports packet (including SHS co-curricular code) read and signed. WHEW! Got that?? Any questions?? feel free to e-mail me: sequimmomma@yahoo.com Once football season starts, you will need to have all new paperwork signed, fines paid, etc and get a new yellow and white card, same with basketball season! Remember, your physical is good/current as long as you've had one in the last 2 years.
Tryouts start on Monday, April 5th at 4pm in the SHS Auxiliary Gym. They will be held there all week M - TH 4pm to 6pm, with Final Tryouts on Friday, April 9th starting at 3:30pm. Please come dressed in comfortable sports/workout clothing and shoes that you can stretch, jump and dance in easily. Hair must be up off the shoulders and out of your face. ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY!! will be allowed during tryouts.