11 October 2010


On the bus

Learning the routine

SHS Band with Mr. Fosket

(These guys are DA BOMB!)

I never realized until this weekend that Husky Band Day
is an "invitation only" event!
The SHS Band is invited every year, and the cheerleaders have been
tagging along every year since I've been coaching!
THANK YOU, MR. FOSKET, for including the Cheerleaders!
This is one of my FAVE events of the year.
We arrive at UDUB and the cheerleaders meet with Husky Cheer to learn a half-time routine
that will be performed with the Husky Band and High School Bands from around the
the state of WA. (about 3o-40 schools perform)
We get to attend a PEP RALLY (my favorite part) before the game, at which the Husky Band and Cheerleaders perform.
It is so FUN and EXCITING to watch them show off their skills - really a GREAT bunch of TALENTED PEEPS!
Then, of course we get to enjoy the game, which is always exciting.
This year we got drenched from all the rain, which was kind of a bummer,
but I still had a GREAT TIME.
It's such a fun experience for the high school students to go and see the cheerleaders, band members and
athletes perform and see what the possibilities are and what fun it can be!
Thanks again, to Mr. Fosket and the SHS Band for inviting us and letting us tag along!
Enjoy the pix:
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