17 June 2010

Thank You, Callie!

was so LUCKY to have Pro Body Builder,
visit and share her time, talent and knowledge with us!
For the two days that she was here, she put the cheerleaders
through some hardcore workouts, along with discussing with them
good nutrition to fuel athletic bodies and the importance of strength
training to avoid injury.
Mike Dashiell from The Sequim Gazette stopped by to pay us a visit and
take pix.
Even Kim and I got in on the action, flipping tires, doing
sideways bear crawls and push ups.
It was a fun experience and a great way to start our conditioning for the
summer. We are looking forward to seeing Callie again and
showing her how we've improved in our workouts and in our core strength.
for taking time out during your visit to Sequim
to come and show the cheerleaders a thing or two about fitness.
Everyone had fun and enjoyed getting to know you!

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