28 October 2009


Olivia in a FULL with backspot Rachel, and bases, Sierra and MacKenzie.
Wolves Cheer got some good, basic training on STUNTS at camp
this summer, and have since, been trying to expand their horizons a little bit
as far as stunting goes. They've been working hard and trying some new things that
they haven't ever done. Some of the girls have never cheered before, and this is all
completely new to them. They have learned a lot and are accomplishing great things. I really
appreciate all of their hard work, and their good attitude when it comes to trying something
new. Congrats to Lauren's stunt group that has been working on the LIB, and finally NAILED it!
Great job, Girls - Keep up the good work!

Lauren doing the LIB with backspot Caitlin, and bases, Mishel and Sara

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