15 August 2009

NWSS Company Picnic!

Thanks to all the football players and cheerleaders who
sacrificed their Saturday and came out to volunteer
at the Northwest Securities Systems Company Picnic.
It was a beautiful day with lots of food and fun.
I thought all of the recognition that was given to the local
armed services members and elected officials was great!
Attention and emphasis was added to the fact that they serve
their communities and our country selflessly and sometimes
make the ultimate sacrifice.
We appreciate all that they do for us.
Special thanks to Joe D'mico and John Alden for inviting
us and letting us be a part of this fun event.
I just want to thank the cheerleaders and football players
for taking part, and asking nothing in return - just wanting to come
along and participate and do their part to serve the community.
Thank you.
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