31 July 2009


Ok, well, a lot has been happening, and I just wanted to touch base with all of you who frequent the blog to let you know what has been going on, and what's coming up!
I hope you all had a chance to see the pictures from cheer camp, which took up the whole front page of the Sports section of this week's Sequim Gazette - it was SOOOOO COOL!!
I first want to say that CHEER CAMP was AWESOME! It was so much fun being at Great Wolf Lodge, and you all did a great job learning all of the material that was thrown at you - lots of cute dances and sidelines, and we got a great start on our routine for the first assembly. You all did a great job stunting. I think that the JV and Varsity squads working together is making everyone stronger. I really think that this will be one of our best years yet!! I hope you have all had a chance to watch the videos that are posted here on the sidebar and on YouTube. Well, you all worked so hard at camp, that Kim and I felt that you deserved a little break from cheer - which, I just gotta say, was really hard for us - just because we are so darn excited about all of the new material, and just want to get you back into the cheer mode as soon as possible. Really there's only about 3 weeks worth of practices before school starts up and we perform in our first assembly!!
THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out with PAINTING the cheer room!! It has been FUN to transform the drab walls into walls into"CHEERFUL" Purple and Gold!! We hope that it will be a fun and exciting place for you to come and show your spirit as you prepare for your games and pep rallys. We owe a lot of Thanks to LEE LAWRENCE for planning the painting and getting all of the supplies together for us. Also, saying thank you doesn't seem like quite enough for all the help that we have received from parents for all of our activities, fund raising, and rides!! A special thank you to MJ Duncan, Ann Holgerson, Terra Parsinen, Kelli Curren, and Linda Anderson, Grace Chumley, and Marlo Fazio!! We appreciate you supporting us!! I hope I didn't leave anyone out, and I know that even though we may not always see your faces, you support us by making sure your daughters are at practices and letting them participate in all of the activities and fundraisers. All of the rides, money, and time that you provide help to make us a better squad. Kim and I appreciate you, and we're sure that your daughters appreciate you, too!! So, a great BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of you!!
Practices will resume according to the schedule starting on Monday. (Mondays 8am to 11am, Tuesdays thru Thursdays 8am to 10am) There may be some extended practices just because we have so much to go over before school starts, so we just want you to be aware of that. Also, there may be some changes to the schedule in the 3rd week of August due to the fact that we need to prepare for our Little Kids Camp, which will take place August 26th -28th, 9am to 12noon, with a performance the night of Saturday, August 29th, at the Purple and Gold game, starting at 7pm.
Pictures with the football players will be on Tuesday, August 25th at 10am. These are fun pix with the football players - very cool. They used these pictures in the year book last year. I will have order forms for these pictures available next week at practices. Please plan on attending, even if you don't want to purchase pictures, so that everyone will be in the picture. If for some reason, you are unavailable at that time, not to worry, we will be getting team cheer pictures with Ernst shortly after school starts.
School starts on Wednesday, September 2nd. Varsity has a home game against PA on September 11th, and Husky Band Days is Saturday, September 12th.
As you can see, there is quite a lot going on, and quite a lot to look forward to!! I will have new calendars with our game and practice schedules available at practice on Monday, so that you can all plan ahead for our upcoming events.
Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication!! We love and appreciate you all so much!!

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