22 February 2009

Irriigation Festival Queen....

Congratualtions to Holly Hope
for being crowned Irrigation Festival Queen 2009!
And Congratulations to Lindsay Merrell
for being crowned Princess!
I think this is just such a cool thing because
now you will forever be a part of Sequim's History!
Also participating from Wolves Cheer were
Kelsie Dotlich and Brianna Gilles.
I want to send a shout out to all who
participated. What a great, fun thing to be
involved with. Congratulations to you all
for your part in the pagent. I think everyone
did well and you all looked beautiful.
The success is in being involved and and
the experiences that you had along the way.
What a fun thing that you will all be able to
look back on one day!
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1 comment:

carmen said...

Holly, I loved your speech about Myron! You all looked beautiful!